How does it work?

  1. Create a hospital account here.

  2. Have clients fill out the consultation form for your patient and email your patient’s entire medical records to

  3. Upload 2-4 videos of the patient to the  upload link (you do not need to be a Dropbox customer to use this link). ​

    1. At least one video of the problem behavior.

    2. Do not endanger people or animals in making videos.

  4. Within two business days of receipt of all materials, I will arrange the consult via the method of your choosing.

What will you receive following the consult?

  1. 1-2 page report.

  2. Assessment of the videos, medical records, and history form.

  3. Initial differential diagnosis list 

  4. 1-2 medication recommendations and dosing increments. 

  5. 2-3 management and safety recommendations.

  6. Links to resources for you and your client.

What isn’t in the report?

  1. ​Detailed instructions on how to implement the behavioral treatments or long term treatment recommendations.

Questions? email at