Behavior Consulting Services

How We Provide Care

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Comprehensive Consultation

This option includes an extensive review of your pet's behavioral history, a 90-120 minutes in-home visit, a customized written treatment plan, and 3 months of email or phone follow-ups.

Cost is $300.  If you have another pet in the home who also requires a behavior consultation, the fee is $150 for each additional pet. This fee doesn't include medication or equipment. 

Follow-up Consultation

There are times when an in-person follow-up  is needed and last 30-60 minutes.  All pets on prescribed medication are required to set up a recheck appointment  every 3, 6, or 12 months to assess efficacy of medication.  
Cost: $50 per 30 minutes.

Other Services

Basset Hound Check-Up

Spinal Manipulation

(Aka Animal Chiropractic)

Spinal manipulation therapy (aka as animal chiropractic) is a hand-on treatment that targets the nerves and muscles with the intention to restore nerve function to specific areas, eliminate pain and tension, and improve mobility.

Initial visit and adjustment: $200   Follow up adjustment: $ 65

Foster Dog Evaluation

Set a rescue dog up for success by placing them in a home where they have the best chance to thrive.  Evaluation includes behavior evaluation,  diagnosis, and risk assessment.  No treatment plan.  $200

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Pet selection

Vet Visit Preparation

Pet selection

Thinking about adding a puppy, kitten or adult pet to your family? Dr. Lewis can guide you on where to start, what pet qualities would align with your lifestyle and family,  and answer all your new pet questions.  Cost $150

Vet Visit Preparation

**NEW Service coming soon - Sept 2019**

A individual program to help pets at the veterinary clinic.  Cooperative Veterinary Care is aimed at teaching a pet they have a say in their care, which ultimately reduces fear and stress.  With a plan in hand, preparation, and training the vet experience can be less stressful for everyone involved. 

Additional Fees:

Travel Fees: 

       No charge - first 10 miles from zip code 53717

       $1.75 per mile round trip for every mile above 10 miles

Evening Appointments and Weekends:

        $50 additional for appointments scheduled on weekends or after 5pm. 

Clients traveling to Madison may be charged up to an additional $40 for a location rental.  This is assessed on a case by case basis.