I will not be accepting new patients until 

April 2021

(updated October 19th, 2020)

If you would like to be added to the waitlist please email me at 

brooke@lewisvetbehavior.com   Thank you for your understanding. 

Other resources for those seeking help more urgently:

Veterinary Behavior Referrals (Telemedicine/Online Consults)

Currently Wisconsin State Law requires a veterinarian to physically see all new patients in order to make a diagnosis, give a prognosis, and to prescribe medications if indicated.  Thus Wisconsin Veterinarians are unable to do telemedicine for new clients but this isn't the case in every state. Please keep in mind that consultation with either of the vets below will require involvement with your primary veterinarian if medications are indicated.

Trainer Referrals 

Support for Primary Care Veterinarians 

I know this isn't ideal for any one so if you could use some assistance with a case you are managing please send me an email.  This is a complimentary to veterinarians during my hiatus.  Helpful information to include in the email: 

  • Signalment 

  • Behavior complaint and description.

  • Any physical exam findings or medical conditions currently being managed. 

  • Current medications & Supplements

  • Diagnostics performed and important results

  • Treatments sought: medication, trainers, etc. 


Please note, that all recommendations are only given to the doctor on the case. The information that is relayed to the client is ultimately the responsibility of the primary care veterinarian.

Odds and Ends

Check out my resource page will I will be working to add to in the coming months.


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